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Pride in Ourselves. Pride in our Leather Family. Pride in our Leather Roots. It is a priority for everyone in the Lifestyle to support and celebrate our LGBTQA+ Community Members. PRIDE’s roots began with an African American gay transman and self-identified drag queen, Marsha P. Johnson. We can’t argue that there has been tremendous progress for LGBTQA+ rights in the last 50 years. HOWEVER, we know our BIPOC LGBTQA+ family faces exponentially harder journeys that their of white counterparts both within the vanilla world as well as within the Leather and Kinky communities. Join LSC's Many Shades of Pride panel that will discuss the intersection of BIPOC and LGBTQA+, their struggles and triumphs, and openly debate how their cis hetronormative BIPOC family can do more to offer support, allyship, and advocacy.

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*$5 Donation requested, but not required, no one will be turned away*

Meet The Panelists

Sir Volt


Sir Volt is a devoted leather man and kinkster, proudly embracing his "switch" mentality resulting in continued personal growth. His determination to engage in leather, kink and fetish while challenging his own thoughts and proclivities have inspired those around him. He prides himself as a creator of safe spaces for individual self-exploration, growth and expanding boundaries within the leather community.

He currently serves as Secretary of the ONYX National Council, Treasurer of the ONYX Deep South Chapter, and is the Chair of the Leather Leadership Conference. He is an advocate within the Infectious Diseases and Vaccines community working towards healthcare equity.

Sir Volt’s honor of Brotherhood and helping others navigate their leather journey is a driving passion. He believes that leather is a personal journey supported by a community of fiercely supportive and loving people which is why he chose ONYX. Sir Volt constantly challenges himself, his ONYX Brothers and the greater leather community to serve and support one another.

Sir Volt is a nudist whose kink/fetish interests include Ass Worship, Electric, Rimming, Fire, Fisting, Dildos, Flogging, Bondage, Spanking and Water Sports, just to mention a few...

MasterKaddan 2021.jpg

Master Kaddan Yue


Master Kaddan Yue, Northeast Leather Woman 2020-2021, LSC UPRISE! Co-Producer and founding sister, Leather Service Alliance (LSA) Founding member & current Vice-President of ONYX Pearls NY/Northeast, has more than 40 years’ experience living the lifestyle. After spending her initial seven years in the lifestyle "training from the bottom up," she has become the third generation of her line trained in this style. Master Kaddan now spends her retirement years doing service for her community locally and nationally by doing presentations and helping to mentor and educate the next generation. She is currently working many passion projects that will help bridge the gap between mental health and the BDSM lifestyle. Master Kaddan’s house, ‘The House of Yue’, currently has a trainee, a neophyte, and one property.  All members of Her house also share Her passion for community service.

20191101_094911 - Doriam Couto.jpg

Boy Doriam


Boy Doriam is an Andromasculine, Gay Leatherman from San Diego where he's been in the lifestyle for 7 years. A former Mr. San Diego Leather, and the current producer of San Diego Leather & Bootblack and San Diego Leather Pride, he has spent much of the last four years teaching at different live and virtual conferences nationwide.

thumbnail_20210524_122503_2 - jean plamondon.jpg



Over 3o years in the lifestyle, I started my journey as a kinkster and became a leather woman and bootblack. I have competed in leather competitions and hold a title of Ms Central Canada Olympus Leather 2011 and came up as first runner up for Ottawa Bootblack 2015. I participated in various panels and became the first woman member of a leather club in Canada. I am currently the brotherhood/sisterhood representation of the Ottawa Knights.

CE63387E-DB4C-4F8F-853C-26A1E60CECDD - Erik Escareño.jpeg

Sir Wombat


Sir Wombat, aka Erik James Escareño, DSW (he, she, they) is a two-spirited indigenous (Yavapai Apache and Chiricahua Apache) Los Angelino who is fueled by social justice and perpetuating meaningful change. Sir Wombat identifies as a Specialized Mental Health Clinical Social Worker, Interpreter, Sir, Handler/Trainer, Sadist, and Leather Daddy. As a clinician social worker, they provide mental health services to Deaf folx within Los Angeles County. As a Sir and Leather Daddy, they are the head of a leather family and are adept at a multitude of kinks and BDSM disciplines which they continue to hone and pass down to their boys.

Holding a Doctorate of Social Work, Sir Wombat focuses on creating systemic change in accessibility to mental health services for Deaf folx. Their fervent hope is to create accessible mental health services for all. Having an intimate connection to, and understanding of, the Deaf community they provide ASL interpretation in many QIPOC and Kink spaces; striving to ensure the message of positive queerness and sex is not compromised. Guided by honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness, Sir Wombat mentors others through an ethical lens while honoring sexual spirit.


Leather Alchemist


Leather Alchemist has walked a Leather path since the early 90s. LA’s first Leather event was Vi Johnson’s & Jill Carter’s inaugural Ms. World Leather Contest in 2001, where she fell in love with the heart, spirit and legacy of Leather. After graduating in 2005 from Master Taino’s Training Academy’s (MTTA) first Master’s class to accept women, LA joined the MTTA faculty. She has also volunteered in multiple capacities with the Master/slave Conference (MsC) in Washington, DC. and considers MsC her home event.As a Black lesbian with a background in community health and trauma-informed care, LA has dedicated herself to personal, relational, and systemic transformation. This commitment to self-awareness, self-mastery and collective wellbeing underpins LA’s alchemical approach to authority-transfer relationships. At the heart of Leather Alchemist’s Aligned in Service philosophy is the process of transmutation from our base selves to our highest selves, individually and in community, through purposeful relationship.

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