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The Leather Solidarity Collective | Code of Conduct/Event Attendance Guidelines

The Leather Solidarity Collective (LSC) welcomes everyone regardless of color, gender,
sexuality, lifestyle affiliation, and any other designation where discrimination may occur. All LSC
Speakers, Panelists, Volunteers, Attendees, and Staff must understand and agree to the
following rules/terms and conditions for the duration of the event planning, preparation, and
event activities:

1. AGE REQUIREMENT | Absolutely no one under 18 years of age should be present or
within audio or visual range of any LSC events. All attendees, presenters, panelists,
volunteers, and staff must be 18 years of age or older. Identification may be requested
by any member of the LSC Staff at any time as proof of age.

2. SAFE SPACE | LSC Events are a safe space for diversity, inclusion, and acceptance,
especially for BIPOC in the Kink and Leather Lifestyle.
    a. No discrimination, racism, or hate speech of ANY kind will be tolerated.
    b. Individuals known to or suspected of intimidation, stalking, harassment, bullying,
    doxing, or outting and those individuals known to support these activities or
    individuals are NOT WELCOME to attend LSC events.

3. MANDATORY CONSENT | All activities must be consensual in actions and languages.
All parties must obtain prior explicit permission.

4. SCENING | No BDSM or Power Exchange scenes are allowed unless explicitly stated in
the event description.

5. RESPECT | Respect should be shown at all times for attendees, presenters, panelists,
volunteers, and LSC staff. Conversation including chats must be civil. LSC Staff and
Volunteers have the right to warn and remove people should anyone cause disruption or
use any form of offensive language in both public and private, including DMs.

consent are the highest priority of LSC. Recording of any kind, photography, and screen
captures are strictly forbidden, with the exception of APPROVED LSC STAFF who may
be authorized to record Keynote Speaker or Panel sessions that will include legal
disclaimer announcements before recording begins.

7. REGISTRATION | One (1) registration is good for one (1) attendee and may not be
shared or transferred to another without the explicit written permission from an LSC
Co-Chair/Executive Producer.

    a. NO NUDITY or SEX ACTS | When sharing video, genitalia must be covered at all
    times (regardless of gender/sex) and no sex acts will be within view of the
    camera. Presenters/entertainers may request permission and must receive
    written formal approval by an LSC Co-Chairs/Event Producers.

     b. AUDIO | Mics must be off when entering the room and during the event, unless
    you have been invited to speak.
    c. CAMERAS | Your camera may be on unless there is a technical issue in which
    case attendees may all be asked to turn their cameras off.
    d. ACCESSIBILITY | Closed Captioning will be available, and can be switched on
    for those who require it. Please DM a moderator in the chat if you do not know
    how to do this.

RULE VIOLATIONS | Any violation, as determined by any LSC staff member, will result in an
immediate termination of event access and permanent ban to all future LSC Events both virtual and in person without refund or compensation.

For any questions or concerns regarding the above stated rules, please contact LSC
Co-Chairs/Event Producers via our Contact Page

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