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About The Leather Solidarity Collective

Amid the groundswell of the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests that rang loudly across the nation and globe in 2020, a group of passionate folks in the Leather, BDSM, and Kink Communities banded together to bring antiracist activism to our own Leather/Kink Lifestyle Community through a series of several virtual town halls—“Navigating Racism During Two Pandemics.”


This diverse group of strong BIPOC Leaders and fierce Allies and Advocates lived in different states, belonged to different organizations, identified across the gender and sexuality spectrum, and did their kink, fetishes, and relationships differently.  However, their shared passion and commitment to bring social justice awareness to our consciousness created a bond that built...The Leather Solidarity Collective.


The Leather Solidarity Collective (LSC) is a group of people in the Leather Lifestyle whose Mission is on-going collaboration in efforts to abolish systemic racism and human rights discrimination.  We welcome people of all races, genders and sexual orientation interested in Leather protocols, BDSM and social justice/human rights activism. 


LSC commits to provide a safe space for members to celebrate individual uniqueness and learn to recognize differences through education and highlighting voices.


Leather Solidarity Collective Priorities

LSC is committed to the following actions:


  1. Advocate for positive growth and changes in the Leather community.

  2. Share tools for activism and safety in the Leather community.

  3. Provide resources for addressing oppression in the Leather community.

  4. Fundraise through merchandise sales and direct donations for important causes including Leather Runs, other social justice organizations, and causes that conform with our mission statement.

  5. Donate goods to community members in crisis, as needed, if able.


Leather Solidarity Collective Members

The current Leather Solidarity Collective includes more than a dozen BIPOC and BIPOC-allies/advocates from the Leather and Kink communities across the country including New York, Atlanta, LA, Chicago, Florida, Washington, Connecticut as well as other regions.  Most of us are also members of other organizations such as ONYX Pearls chapters, MAsT Chapters, and Lifestyle Conference Founders/organizers.  Our members span diversity in both gender and sexuality, and we cross the spectrum of M/s and D/s Lifestyle roles.  We will be posting membership bios in the coming days/weeks and are looking forward to sharing our team with the Community.  

Leather Solidarity Collective Advisory Committee

The following esteemed members of our community support the Leather Solidarity Collective as members of our Advisory Committee.

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