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Join us as LSC celebrates AAPI Voices in Leather & Kink. The panel will center around sharing our stories and challenges we face in leather and kink.  We will also do a deep dive into the barriers that prevent the inclusion of AAPI voices within the community.

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Meet The Speakers and Panelists

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Speaker - Land Acknowledgement

Pain started exploring the Leather scene in the mid 70’s while living in Germany. When she moved to San Francisco, she wanted to learn more and started going to Gay Leather Bars and had also served in a Leather House during that time. Since then, she has been active in her local community as much as she is able to.

Outside of kink, Pain is active in efforts to address the missing indigenous women and current issues of continued genocide and marginalization. As a person with Yaqui heritage, she deeply understands the ongoing extermination of her people and also the impact of erasure of indigenous cultures.

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Domina Alluriah


Domina Alluriah is an out trans women of mixed race residing along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. She is the co-leader of several groups as well as the chapter director for MAsT:Biloxi. As an educator and public speaker, she believes in representation and visibility for the LGBTQ+ community as well as other marginalized and minority groups. Her Leather values center around communication and community volunteer work. She was born in Japan and moved across the country in a military family absorbing the different nuances to each respective demographic she resided in. In her personal leather journey, she employs understanding and effective communication to help others find their footing, their identity, and pride in themselves.




I have been involved in the kink/leather community over 25 years. I competed for Central Canada Olympus leather and Ottawa Bootblack. I was Ms CCOL 2011 and first runner up for OBB 2014. I was the first woman who became a full member of the Ottawa Knights. I started a Ling's knitting project 2012 to help titleholders to raise funds. My husband and I became the first married couple to hold a regional title at the same time.

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Tempo (He/Him) is a traveling top passionate about learning, education, and kink. Specializing in rope play and impact play, he travels to various communities and other countries to expand his knowledge of kink. Tempo has presented for venues like Studio Friction in Denver, CO; Studio Theory in San Antonio, and large events across the country, including North American Rope Innovation Exchange, Ropecraft, Frolicon, and Tethered Together. As a former teacher for a regionally accredited college, Tempo shares his knowledge of teaching practices to help other kink experts share their skills. True to his name, much of his play involves weaving music into his scenes


Another Atlas


Atlas (he/him/his) is a young bootblack and an aspiring leather daddy. Atlas started researching LGBTQ+ leather history, bootblacking, and kink as soon as he gained access to the internet. He has only been in the public scene since August of 2022. Although he practices other kinks and is always learning, Leather is still core to his kink identity.


Nicky Nicolas


Nicky Nicolas, he/him, former Mr Iowa Bear 2020/2021/2022.


Nicky has been an active member of the local community in Des Moines. He along with his Leather Title Family had been busy the three years they were serving the title. He represented Iowa in various events local and out of state. He served as one of the host for Kink Class which is an educational program that was held every 2 months at their local bar in Des Moines. The class covered various topics from consent to introductory class on topics like rope, rubber and chastity.

Nicky has always been an ambassador of ursine delight. This panda bear has a passion for diversity and inclusion which can be seen not only with his volunteer work with the leather and kink community but also with the local Asian community. Being an immigrant himself he enjoys seeing minorities taking an active role within the community.


Goddess Narcissa


Goddess Narcissa is a professional dominatrix, fetish model, event organizer, and whip maker. 

She has 15 years of experience using singletail whips. Through practice and lessons from nationally recognized whip masters, she has honed her talents to include whip making. Mercy Whips by Narcissa is a brand that is sold at local shops in NYC. When she is not seen at parties performing single tail whip scenes, she is riding her bike around the city.

Contact and info:

Fetlife: Goddess_Narcissa 

IG: @mercywhips





raea (she/hers) is a queer Leathergirl from the San Francisco Bay Area. She started her path in BDSM and Leather in 1995 through Authority Exchange relationships and began attending events in Southern California in 1998. Since then, she has participated in her local community living throughout the country. raea has facilitated discussion groups on Authority Exchange dynamics for SFDsDG, Santa Cruz Submissive Circle, and MAsT Chicago. She has also volunteered for smOdyssey events, Northwest Leather Celebration, TESfest, and events local to the SF Bay Area. raea is currently a Co-Director for MAsT:Chicago and the Mediation Director for Leather Service Alliance.


As a mental health professional, raea holds a MSW and degree in psychology with a specialization in trauma informed care and anti-oppression practices and has presented on such topics in vanilla settings. She has utilized her professional skills to develop interpersonal and coping skills to use in a BDSM context to help others on their own journey.




MementoMoriii is a Pasifika kinkster living in Ohlone Territory (Bay Area). She has been active within the kink scene since 2021. She is passionate about advocating for Pasifika people both within kink and within the wider global community. MementoMorii currently serves as Vice President of the Bay Area Kink Access and Inclusion Initiative and is part of the safety committee for BABKA (Bay Area Bi/Pan Adults).

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