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As mentioned in the “Indigenous Leather Panel” on November 8th, here is a list of causes and organizations the panelists mentioned that could use your help. It’s not just about land acknowledgements, it’s aligning and active participation.  Please give if you can.

NIWRC is dedicated to reclaiming the sovereignty of tribal communities and safeguarding Native women and their children. Through training and technical assistance, educational resources, and policy development, we provide national leadership to show that offenders can and will be held accountable and that Native women and their children are entitled to: 1) safety from violence within their homes and in their community; 2) justice both on and off tribal lands; and 3) access to culturally-appropriate services based on their tribal beliefs and practices. Learn More here:

All Indigenous Murdered and Missing Local Chapter

Other Options Inc.
A service organization that provides support for people living with HIV in central Oklahoma. They provide food weekly to all clients, Thanksgiving Day precooked meals with delivery and gifts for the entire households at Christmas.


Meet The Panelists

Yaqui Indian.jpg


Pain started exploring the Leather scene in the mid 70’s while living in Germany. When she moved to San Francisco, she wanted to learn more and started going to Gay Leather Bars and had also served in a Leather House during that time. Since then, she has been active in her local community as much as she is able to.

Outside of kink, Pain is active in efforts to address the missing indigenous women and current issues of continued genocide and marginalization. As a person with Yaqui heritage, she deeply understands the ongoing extermination of her people and also the impact of erasure of indigenous cultures.


Wasgo Onyx

Halito! I am Wasgo Onyx of the Onyx Great Lakes chapter. I am Haida/Choctaw Two-Spirit and working to become a language keeper. I've been in the kink and leather scene for almost 6 years now and enjoy being an active part of my community, both Indigenous and otherwise. I hope to bring attention to decolonizing kink and navigating fetishes while honoring my culture.

Boy Glovez

Boy Glovez (Randal) is from Oklahoma City where he resides with his husband Daddy Kevin and their two bratty Pit Bull dogs. Randal identifies as a high energy brat and flags hunter green, blue and black on the right. He is Mr. International Olympus Leather. Randal is the former producer of the Kink Weekend/Route 66 Leather and the Sooner State Olympus competition. In addition, he is a member of Onyx Lone Star and carries the name Set-Angya Onyx in honor of Chief Sitting Bear who is an ancestor. Randal has led classes and discussion on POC in the community, Sexual Health, Consent, the ABC’s of Consent and Sensation Play. He has also provided demonstrations of different types of play in the local community. Randal believes that we should all be free to be ourselves. His motto is Speak Your Truth and Live Your Truth!


Hello, my name is Innocent and my pronouns are she/her  I Serve as the Emotional Support Animal (E.S.A.) to Nunca Sola, Ms SF Eagle Leather 2023. I am an Indigenous bootblack of the Apache and Denì Nations. I’m a member of House Of Iron, Leather Girls of Color-The Foundation, The Exiles SF, associate member of FIST, and I am Mama’s Innocent One of Mama’s Family. I’ve been active in the leather community over 20 years,  and bootblacking almost as long. I am the current Northwest Bootblack 2023.

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