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Many Shades of Pride Panel
A Virtual Panel Reflecting On Our Struggles And Triumphs

This world may not always want to see the rainbow, but cannot deny the beauty of our many shades of color. Pride is the manifestation of so many beings coming together to shine a light in the darkness.

Please join the Leather Solidarity Collective as we reflect on what Pride is an
d what it means today. Join us in coming together to celebrate ourselves and all that we are as we take a moment to celebrate the many shades of us, our struggles and all of our triumphs.

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Meet The Panelists



Idris Dior is a 40 year old, Gender Fluid, Non-binary Person of Color.  An androgynous person with a flamboyant personality, Idris found the perfect passion in Cosmetology.  This career allows the expression of personality and creativity in a profession that is seldom judged by norms. Although kink didn’t begin there, Idris’ leather journey began by joining The Men of ONYX in 2015.  Deciding there was a bigger story to share, Idris captured the title of Mx. NC Leather.  Although the “title stage” gave the spotlight, it wasn’t used for self-motivation, instead to educate and give a model to persons (especially youth), that are struggling with identity issues.  The goal is to reinforce that it OK just to be “you!” Idris identifies as a “switch” who enjoys numerous kinks and fetishes including:  Ass play, Erotic Massage, Water sports, Sensory play, CBT, Wax play, Body shaving and Edge play.



iPunchYourDick (Miss Sylvia, she/her, Queer, Pansexual, Filipino) has been in the local BDSM community since 2010. She founded the Punch Munch in 2014 and successfully ran it for a couple of years. She is also a former NiteFlirt Financial Domme. Since her retirement from being a munch leader and a FinDomme, she now spends her days working a regular boring job, posting weird videos on TikTok, watching fascinating TikTok videos about women who talk about why they divorced/are divorcing their husbands, and her therapist regularly asks her when she is going to start a podcast.

Lee Honey


Lee Honey (she/her) is an artist, cartoonist, and active member of the Chicago kink/BDSM lifestyle since late 2019. Lee has published a number of written works including being a contributor to Seattle Erotic Art Festival's 2023 Literary Anthology. She sold art at 2023's Dirty Detroit Art Show and is a co-host for an erotic storytelling at a local kink club alongside her friend B. She's also the illustrator for her and B's POC focused kinky coloring book, available on Etsy.

Master Kaddan Yue


Master Kaddan Yue, Northeast Leather Woman 2020-2021, Leather Solidarity Collective & UPRISE! Co-Chair, founding sister of the ONYX Pearls NY/Northeast, and LLC 2022 Servant Leader award winner, has more than 40 years’ experience living the lifestyle. After spending her initial seven years in the lifestyle "training from the bottom up," she has become the third generation of her line trained in this style. Master Kaddan now spends her retirement years doing service for her community locally and nationally by doing presentations and helping to mentor and educate the next generation. She is currently working many passion projects that will help bridge the gap between mental health and the BDSM lifestyle. Master Kaddan’s house, ‘The House of Yue’, currently has a trainee, a slave, and property.  All members of Her house also share Her passion for community service.

SteeleToe the Bootblack


SteeleToe the Bootblack started his bootblack journey in 2017 at the NJ Kollege of Kink’s Bootblack 101. He was 2022 IMBB 1st Runner Up, and inaugural winner of the IMBB Brotherhood award. He was the first Northeast Bootblack winner in 2020/2021. SteeleToe was elected President of Onyx NY/Northeast for 2020, and VP for 2019. He won the Brother of the Year award in 2019. SteeleToe is Head of the House of Steele (HoS), focusing on kink/fetish/BDSM education, community service, and living openly to eliminate stigmas about kink, particularly for POC. The HoS currently includes a protege, Reece Diamond, and four boys, alpha boy Ogun, boy SwitchBlade, boy Bakari, and boy Forge. He’s taught for the HoS, at LLC, Bootblack RoundUp, Virtual Bootblack Jam, Kink U, and for various ONYX chapters. SteeleToe volunteers at many leather events and with the LHF Soles with Heart Program. He’s blacked across the country, including IML/IMBB, MAL, CLAW,  Lake Erie Bootblack Weekend, and several leather contests and clubs. SteeleToe resides in Newark with his buddy, Zeus.

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