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UPRISE! Sponsorship

Support LSC! UPRISE! 2023.

UPRISE! Platinum Sponsor | $350.00 includes 2 Tickets Plus 2 Legends Lunch Tickets.

UPRISE! Legendary Women of Leather Breakfast | $200.00 includes 1 Tickets Plus 1 Legends Lunch Ticket (which benefits the Carter/Johnson Library).

UPRISE! Keynote Address Sponsor |  $150.00 includes 1 Ticket to UPRISE.

UPRISE! Play Party Sponsor | $150.00 includes 1 Ticket to UPRISE.

UPRISE! TNG Panel Sponsor | $150.00 includes 1 Ticket to UPRISE

Standard Tier Sponsorship | Platinum | $100

Standard Tier Sponsorship | Gold | $75

Standard Tier Sponsorship | Silver | $50

Mutual/In-Kind Sponsorship | Platinum | $50*

Mutual/In-Kind Sponsorship | Gold | $37.50*

Mutual/In-Kind Sponsorship | Silver | $25*

UPRISE! 2023 Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors:

SPLF REDRAW Rev2 - Tomo Splf.png
81A1050F-48B6-43F6-968F-D7D4B34508D9 - DJ_Daddy Zulu.jpeg

South Plains Leatherfest is a world-class Leather event that is welcoming, accessible, relevant, and transformative for all attendees.

Podcast for BIPOC people in Leather and Kink.

The Ally~Advocate~Warrior Project is an educational and training program dedicated to encouraging better allyship and advocacy for BIPOC and Marginalized Communities in Leather & Kink.

Gold Sponsors:


Silver Sponsors:

Leather Service Alliance Logo 2022 - Kaddan Yue.png
BFDAp - Ms DDom.png

LSA is a Leather Organization committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive home for Service-Minded Community Members. Our foundation is to create a home of siblinghood that is focused on service, education and strong connections within the Leather community that encompasses all women and gender non-conforming individuals that thrive in women's spaces.

BFD-Atlanta or Black FemDoms-Atlanta, is an adult social and educational affinity group focused on BDSM, kink, and Leather for Black Women who identify as Master, Mistress, Owner, or Dominant, and all s-types regardless of their race, gender identity, or sexuality. You must be 21 years of age and older to participate in BFD-Atlanta activities. Our events are BIPOC inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly.

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