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July 9-11, 2021

UPRISE! 2021 | Sir Leon Strange Award

Honoring our history and those on whose shoulders we stand is a core principle of the Leather Lifestyle.  Our BIPOC Leather Elders and previous leaders laid the brick to forge a deep foundation for us all with their sacrifices, risks, advocacy, service, mentorship, and fellowship.  Many have contributed, and many continue to expand on these efforts.  The Leather Solidarity Collective (LSC) feels it is a priority to recognize the hard work and dedication that continues to build stronger, safer, welcoming, and more enriching spaces for People of Color in the Leather and Kink Community. 


With permission and blessings from Sir Strange’s immediate Leather Family, LSC is honored to open nominations for the inaugural Sir Leon Strange Award, a recognition of BIPOC Leather Leadership.  The winner of the 2021 Sir Leon Strange Award will be announced Saturday July 10, 2021 during the UPRISE! Virtual Conference Evening Ceremonies. 

Sir Leon Strange.png

Sir Leon Strange, a POC polyamorous Leatherman and Sadist, was a valued Leader in the Lifestyle for nearly 20 years. He was a jacketed member of Cirque De' Sade, a proud Ringed and Patched member of the Monarchs—a Brotherhood of Dominant Men based in Los Angeles,  the former President and Member of The Brotherhood Of The Circle, a National Brotherhood of Dominant Men, and an active member of Black Beat.  He and His late submissive cece also founded the now-defunct The LA Kink Exploration Society.


Sir Strange was a staple in the Los Angeles Leather/Kink community and was known for his mentorship, activism and fellowship. His Leather family was incredibly huge as He had touched so many of us all over the world.

To Apply Please
Fill Out the Form:

Nomination Criteria

All submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

Person of Color 

Active in the Local and National Leather/Kink Lifestyle and Community for a minimum 10 years.

Core Tenets

  • Activism | Nominees should actively organize and participate in Social Justice efforts for marginalized BIPOC communities and the Leather/Kink Community 

  • Education | Nominees should have a deep level of presentation experience, sharing knowledge, experience, and best practices with the Leather and Kink communities.

  • Community Service | Nominees should have a long history of Leather and Kink Community Service, giving back to the Lifestyle that has enriched their own journey.

  • Mentorship | Nominees should have a strong history of BIPOC Mentorship to the Leather and Kink Community.

  • Fellowship | Nominees have prioritized breaking bread with their peers as well as newcomers in their local, regional, and national BIPOC Leather and Kink Communities.

To nominate a Person of Color who meets the above criteria for the Leather Solidarity Collective’s Sir Leon Strange Award, please fill out the Nomination Form. All submissions must be received no later than 11:30pm Pacific Time June 21, 2021.  Three final nominees will be chosen from the pool of submissions and featured during UPRISE! 2021.  The winner of the 2021 Sir Leon Strange Award will be announced Saturday July 10, 2021 during the UPRISE! Virtual Conference Evening Ceremonies.  

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